Libera Fans United Kingdom

Libera Fans United Kingdom

Would you like to make a little more money?

or even become a manager of you own distribution team? well you can by selling my book in your country. 

It is not as hard as you may think, Being a published Author i can buy my book in bulk with very big savings, i can then sell the books on to you much cheaper then you will ever get anywhere else. you can then sell my books to your local churches shops with my permission to allow yourself a profit on every book they sell, the more books you buy to sell the more profit, you can arrange for the church or store to sell the books on a "sale on return basis", another words you give them 10 or 20 books without them paying for them right away, this gives them the opportunity to use the profit of the sales until you return to restock the shelf and collect payment, then every week you go to the store and they pay you for all the books they have sold, so if they have sold 8 books they pay you for them books, and then you replace them books that has been sold with 8 more new books and you do this to every store and church. You can do this just to make a small amount to help you with your income, all buy loads of books to sell in loads of store`s to make loads of profit. you could even sell the books with permission at Libera concerts, You may even like to have people do all the work for you, Manage people to do the sales and collection of the money for the books for you. Either way this is an opportunity for you to spread the word about Libera`s music and do not forget to send Libera a voluntary donation as a thank you if you wish. 

So what is the Legal stuff, well different country`s have different Laws on self employment and Taxes. you will have to find out what if anything you would need to pay to your tax office in your country.

As an example people in the UK can earn up to a certain amount with out having to declare it to the tax office, however anyone on benefits have to declare any money they make. It all depends on your situation. 

For more information please leave a message below and i will contact you at the email address you give me or send me a personal email to: [email protected]

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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