Libera Fans United Kingdom

Libera Fans United Kingdom

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Libera (Libera Peace (Deluxe Edition))

                                  From Libera:

In the past few years we have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places whilst taking our music around the world, and to those people who have attended one of our concerts - and some travelled many, many miles to attend - we say thank you!

We have been delighted to meet many of our loyal fans and have been privileged to make new friends by introducing them to our music. We are glad, and somewhat humbled, at the warmth of the reception we have received in many places, and we are very grateful for the continued support we receive from our friends all round the world.

We would love to be able to tour more, and to bring our music to even more people, however we are restricted from doing so by our financial resources. We are enormously grateful for the time volunteered by parents and many other volunteers, to say nothing of the boys time; however ultimately we have to pay our bills - and taking the boys on tour is expensive. We are keen that wherever possible tickets to our concerts should be available at relatively inexpensive prices. We even occasionally give free concerts, as we did at the Crystal Cathedral in April 2009 and during our USA tour in the summer of 2010 - but this means that income from ticket sales is generally insufficient to cover the costs of touring with 25 boys and 10 support staff. So we have to rely on kind gifts from generous supporters.

Libera is a not-for-profit organisation, registered as a charity in the United Kingdom. If you've enjoyed our music perhaps you might consider making a donation to us, either as a one off gift or on a regular monthly basis. In these times of economic difficulty, even smaller donations given on a regular basis are of great benefit, as they allow us to plan prudently for the future.

If you would like to make a contribution you can do so online by clicking the Donate button at the bottom of this screen. The generosity of our supporters is what makes it possible for us to continue creating and sharing the sound of Libera worldwide, whilst giving the boys a unique musical education and fantastic opportunities to perform.

All payments are 100% safe.


 Libera  Registered Charity No 1127722

Help Libera by donating what you can today and thank you.

           Click picture to donate today and thank you


 Libera provides a unique musical education to boys, and takes its celestial sounds all round the world, thanks to the generosity of kind supporters.

Thank you so much for your kind donation. We really appreciate the support we receive from our supporters around the world, and your donation will be put to good use furthering our work with the boys of Libera.

Kind regards




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